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Today is

The Official Home Port of The USS SPIEGEL GROVE (LSD-32) since 1996

Her final location: N 25° 04' 00" W80° 18' 65" (5.5 - 6 miles off Key Largo, FL)

2015 REUNION - Evanvsille, IN

13-16 October 2015
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USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)
Operations Specialist 2nd Class
1980-1983PFC - USMC
Parris Island, SC


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I am the Historian of the USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) Reunion Association, and as such, I offer you the following concerning the USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32):


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A Year During The Life of the USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) - back in the USA, that is...

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