Cruise History of

USS Spiegel Grove (LSD 32)

USS Spiegel Grove Sailors & embarked Marines! I'm gonna need a little help here to fill in the years that I wasn't aboard and missed ports/dates. Thanks!

SOLANT AMITY II 18 April - 8 September 1961

18 Apr: Underway for Solant Amity II
30 Apr - 5 May: Bathurst, Gambia
19-24 May: Durban, South Africa
31 May - 5 Jun: Diego Suarez, Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)
7-12 Jun: Port Victoria, Mahe, Seychelle Islands
15-18 June: St. Denis, Reunion Island
23-24 Jun: Zanzibar, Tanzania
26-29 Jun: Mombasa, Kenya
4-7 Jul: Aden, Yemen
12-13 Jul: Mombasa, Kenya
19-29 Jul: Cape Town, South Africa
Aug: Recife, Brazil
7-12 Aug: Lome, Togo
14-19 Aug: Libreville, Gabon
1-2 Sep: Trinidad
8 Sep: In Port Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

Task Group 88.2

SoLant Amity II

Task Group Commander Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey

USS Spiegel Grove LSD 32

USS York County LST 1175

USS Jonas Ingram DD 938

USS New DD 818

USS Chewaucan AOG 50


15 Feb: Underway for Solant Amity IV
20-22 Feb: Port of Spain, Trinidad
4-5 Mar: Freetown, Sierra Leone
7-9 Mar: Monrovia, Liberia
13-15 Mar: Lagos, Nigeria
18-19 Mar: Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo
27-31 Mar: Capetown, South Africa
5-7 Apr: Lourenco Marques, Mozambique
11-14 Apr: Mombasa, Kenya
20-22 Apr: Durban, South Africa
25-27 Apr: Capetown, South Africa
2 May: Tristan De Cunha
8-9 May: Recife, Beazil
15 May: Port of Spain, Trinidad
17 May: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
21 May: Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

7 June 1962: Change of Command - Vice Admiral John A Tyree, Jr replaced R. Adm Alan Lorentz Reed as Commander - South Atlantic Force United States Atlantic Fleet
(info courtesy of Herb Liebig -thanks!)


14 January 1964: Departed Little Creek
16: Arrived Moorehead City, NC (departed 16th)
19: Arrived Bermuda (departed 23rd)
31: Arrived Rota, Spain (departed 31st)
27 Feb: Arrived Soudha Bay, Crete (departed 1 Mar; arr 23rd; departed 24th)
26: Arrived Port Said, U.A.R. (departed 26th)
26: Arrived Suez Canal (departed 27th)
30: Arrived Aden, Federation of Southern Arabia (departed 1 Apr)
7 Apr: Arrived Bahrain Island (departed 9th)
10: Arrived Kharg Island, Iran (departed 13th)
14: Arrived Genevah, Iran (departed 14th)
15: Arrived Kharg Island, Iran (departed 16th)
17 Apr: Arrived Bahrain Island (departed 19th)
24: Arrived Aden, Federation of Southern Arabia (departed 27th)
2 May: Arrived Suez Canal (departed 2nd)
5: Arrived Athens, Greece (departed 9th)
11: Arrived Naples, Italy (inc. Rome) (departed 18th)
19: Arrived Santa Monza, Corsica (departed 22nd)
23: Arrived Genoa, Italy (departed 28th)
29: Arrived Barcelona, Spain (departed 30th)
30: Arrived Rota, Spain (departed 1 June)
4 June: Arrived Cherbourg, France (departed 5 June)
7: Portsmouth, England (inc. London) (departed 10 June)
18: Arrived Moorhead City, NC (departed 18 June)
19: Arrived Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

1956-1966 (Dates TBD)

Bethlehem Steel Shipyard - Hoboken, N.J. (March - May 1965)
GITMO (assume after the yards - May, June-ish '65)
St. Thomas, St. Croix, Jamaica, Granada & Puerto Rico
Operation Power Pack, Dominion Republic (began 28 April 1965 [ended September 1966])
31 December 1965: San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 1966 (exact dates unknown): anchored - Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
SG's Tenth Anniversary all hands party (June 1966 somewhere in the Caribbean)

Caribbean Cruise 3-67

4 Dec '66: Depart Little Creek for Carib 3-67
5: Embark Marines @ Morehead City, NC
6-8: U/W for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
9-10: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for liberty
11-12: U/W for Vieques, Puerto Rico
13: Amphibious landing @ Vieques
14-2 Jan '67: San Juan, Puerto Rico for liberty
3-4: U/W
5: Re-embark Marines off Vieques
8: Amphibious landing @ Vieques
9-11: U/W for Curacao
12-15: Willemstad, Curacao for liberty
16-17: U/W for Vieques
18: Amphibious landing @ Vieques
19-26: U/W
27: Re-embark Marines off Vieques
28-1 Feb: U/W for Panama
2-7 Feb: Panama for liberty
8-14: U/W for Barbados
15-21 Bridgetown, Barbados for liberty
22-26: U/W for Vieques
27-28: Amphibious landing @ Vieques
29 Feb-1 Mar: U/W
2-3 Mar: Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands for liberty
4-7: U/W
8-10: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands for liberty
11-13 Mar: Amphibious landing @ Vieques
14-16 Mar: San Juan, Puerto Rico for liberty
17 Mar: Depart for Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

Med 1-71

16 Apr: Moorhead City, NC - embark US Marines
28 Apr: Rota, Spain
7 May: Timbakion, Crete
8-13 May: Saros Bay, Crete
7-16 Jun: Athens, Greece
18-22 Jun: Antalya, Turkey
1 Jul: Porto Scudo, Sardinia
3-7 Jul: Brindisi, Itlay
9-15 Jul: Navplion, Greece
16-18 Jul: Izmir, Turkey
22 Jul-6 Aug: Naples, Italy
8-13 Aug: Porto Scudo, Sardinia
31 Aug-7 Sep: Palma Mallorca, Spain
22-28 Sep: Barcelona, Spain
30 Sep: Rota, Spain
10 Oct: Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

1973-1974 (Dates TBD)

Barranquilla, Columbia
Viegues, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Roosevelt Roads
October 1973: Dependents cruise incorporated with the transport of some Marines to Wilmington, N.C - had Halloween aboard. The youngsters were allowed to "Trick or Treat" at various places.
U.S. Virgin Islands
Viegues, Puerto Rico

Med 1-74
(Data courtesy of Peter Blake - thanks, Shipmate!)

17 May: Depart Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA
31 May-3 Jun: Mersin, Turkey (Exercise Good Friendship)
4-7 Jun: La Speizia, Italy
11-13 Jun: Porto Scudo, Sardinia for Amphib Ops
18-26 Jun: Naples, Italy
27 Jun-3 Jul: Gythion, Greece for Amphib Ops
5-16 Jul: Cyprus
17 Jun-2 Aug: various exercises in region
3-9 Aug: Brindisi, Italy (training exercise)
10-22 Aug: Catania, Italy
23-29 Brindisi, Italy
30 Aug-6 Sep: Palermo, Italy
7-9 Sep: Taranto, Italy for training exercise
10-17 Sep: Barcelona, Spain
16-26 Sep: Palma, Spain
27 Sep-6 Oct: Carbonaras, Spain for Amphib Ops
7-14 Oct: Rota, Spain
15-20 Oct: Underway for Little Creek
31 Oct: Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA


Med 1-76
(Data courtesy of Marshall Turner [1975-1976] - thanks, Shipmate!)

21-23 Jan, 1976: Rota, Spain
27-30 Jan: Augusta Bay, Sicily
30 Jan-6 Feb: Messina, Italy
7-13 Feb: Brindisi, Italy
16-23 Feb: Marseille, France
25 Feb-Mar 1 : Monte Romano, Italy
2-3 Mar: La Spezia, Italy
4-7 Mar: Naples, Italy
7-9 Mar: La Maddalina, Sardinia
9-16 Mar: Porto Scudia, Sardinia
18-25 Mar: Naples, Italy
27 Mar: Brindisi, Italy
27 Mar 29-May: Anchored east of Crete (66 days)
29 May-2 Jun: Kusadasi, Turkey
4-12 Jun: Naples, Italy
20 Jun: Beirut, Lebanon Evacuation
22 Jun: Athens, Greece - Landed evacuees
30 Jun-5 Jul: Rota, Spain
13 Jul Moorehead City, North Carolina - Marine offload
15 Jul: Little Creek, Virginia

Med 1-79
(Data courtesy of Michael Moretti [1976-1980] - thanks, Shipmate!)

10 Jan: Underway, Enroute Morehead City, NC
11 Jan Onload of Marines, Morehead City, NC
23-26 Jan: Inport Rota, Spain
27 Jan- 1 Feb: Inport Almeria, Spain
2-8 Feb: Carboneras, Spain training anchorage
10- 23 Feb: Inport, Palma de Mallorca
26 Feb: Anchored Taranto, Italy
27 Feb: Scanzana, Italy training anchorage
2-9 Mar: Training anchorage, Capo Teulada, Sardinia
11-24 Mar: Inport, Naples, Italy
26 Mar- 2 Apr: Training anchorage, Vatika, Greece
4-17 Apr: Inport, Naples, Italy
18-27 Apr: Training anchorage, Pian di Spille, Italy
28 Apr - 2 May: Inport, Marseille, France
3-10 May: Inport, La Spezia, Italy
12 May: DAWN PATROL 79
12-16 May: Training anchorage, Capo Teulada, Sardinia
21-25 May: Training anchorage, Doganbey, Turkey
31 May- 5 Jun: Inport, Rota, Spain
18 Jun: Arrive, Morehead City, NC
19 Jun: Arrive, Little Creek Amphibous Base

MARG 1-80

Dates/times forgotten over time.... (any help out there??)
Rota, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Naples, Italy
Pompeii & Capri, Greece
Rome, Italy
Monte Carlo
Palermo, Sicily
Almeria, Spain

Teamwork '80 - North Atlantic Cruise

26 Aug: Underway for Teamwork '80 (exact dates are unknown - no particular order)
Kristiansand, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)
Antwerp, Belgium
Marseille, France
Paris, France

Caribbean Ops '81

8 Mar: Underway for Carib Ops '81 (exact dates are unknown - no particular order)
Cartagena, Columbia
Willemstad, Curacao
Castries, St. Lucia
La Guaira & Caracas, Venezuela
Roseau, Dominca
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

9 October - 31 December, 1982
INSURV, Amphibious REFTRA (set the highest score ever recorded at Little Creek) and REFTRA at GITMO


20 Jan: Underway for La Cieba, Honduras
29 Jan: Anchored, La Cieba, Honduras
?? Feb: Anchored, Gatun Lake, Panama Canal Zone
March-April: In-port, Little Creek, VA


15 Jun: Underway for UNITAS XXIV (exact dates are unknown - no particular order)
16 Jun: Onload Marines @ Moorehead City, NC
20 Jun: Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
21-22 Jun: Amphib Ops Vieques Island, Purto Rico
24-27 Jun: Oranjestad, Aruba
30 Jun-13 Jul: Amphib Ops in San Andreas Island, & Covenas Colombia
14-19 Jul: Cartagena, Columbia
20-24 Jul: Rodman Naval Station, Panama City
26 Jul: Crossing The Line Ceremony - SHELLBACK
28-31 Jul: Amphib Ops in Salinas, Ecuador
1-3 Aug: Salinas, Ecuador
6-10 Aug: Amphib Ops in Salinas, Peru
11-15 Aug: Callao, Peru
19-23 Aug: Valparaiso, Chile
24-29 Aug: Talcahuano, Chile
31 Aug- 1 Sep: Ops in Castro, Chile
5-16 Sep: Amphib Ops in Punta Arenas, Chile
24 Sep-3 Oct: Montevideo, Uruguay
4-6 Oct: Amphib Ops in Punte De Este, Uruguay
11-16 Oct: Amphib Ops in Marambai, Brazil
17-25 Oct: Rio De Janiero, Brazil
29 Oct: Transit to West Africa
5-8 Nov: Matadi, Zaire
9-11 Nov: Point Noir, Congo
13-15 Nov: Malabo, Equitorial Guinea
16-18 Nov: Douala, Cameroon
21-24 Nov: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
27-28 Nov: Bissau, Guinea
30 Nov-2 Dec: Novakchott, Mauritania
Transit ConUS
12 Dec: In Port Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

North Atlantic Training Operations

Portsmouth, England
Edinburgh, Scotland
Tromso, Norway

MARG 3-87

18 Jun: Underway for MARG 3-87
1 Jul: Rota, Spain
10 Jul: Port Said, Egypt
25 Jul: Mombasa, Kenya
1 Aug: Geesaley, Somalia
25 Aug: Athens, Greece
19 Aug: Teulada, Sardinia
4 Oct: Doganbey/Saros Bay, Turkey
14 Oct: Augusta Bay, Sicily
19 Oct: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
29 Oct: Rota, Spain
13 Nov: In Port Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, VA

Cruises Addendum
Family Grams, etc!

Standby...more to come!